赛事介绍 Introduction

世界著名的“黑池舞蹈节”已历经90年的历史,2016年,它将首次离开故乡英国黑池,在中国举办同等国际级别的国标舞比赛。“黑池舞蹈节”官方携手美国 国际特别项目有限公司(ISA)设立黑池舞蹈节(中国)代表处暨上海布籁浦文化传播有限公司并宣布在中国举办首届黑池舞蹈节(中国)。




“黑池舞蹈节(中国)”计划进行3-5天的舞蹈活动并逐年延长。该舞蹈节从评委、赛制、伴奏乐队甚至舞蹈地板都将严格按照英国黑池舞蹈节的标准进行。同时,黑池舞蹈节(中国)的比赛内容将大大扩展,参赛舞者的年龄将涵盖少儿至成人,比赛舞种将包括国标舞、交谊舞、街舞等各类舞种。参赛舞者将在国际标准舞 (拉丁舞和摩登舞)及其它各类领域进行比赛。


About Blackpool Dance Festival (China)

Over 90 years after its original inception the world renowned Blackpool Dance Festival has launched its first overseas event in partnership with International Special Attractions (ISA).

The events global expansion is part of an on-going relationship with International Special Attractions (ISA) who were the creators and investors behind Illuminasia which opened in April at the Winter Gardens and has attracted over 100,000 visitors since opening and recently announced a 3 year extension in resort. Based in Shanghai, ISA will work with the team in Blackpool on the organisation, branding and management of the prestigious dance event which will be promoted under the name Blackpool Dance Festival (China).

The first ever overseas Blackpool Dance Festival will take place in Shanghai, China in August 2015, with the May festival taking place as usual at The Winter Gardens Blackpool.

The Blackpool Dance Festival held each year has become one of the world’s most prestigious dance tournaments attracting in excess of 20,000 competitors & spectators from 60+ countries over the 9 day festival. Since the first event held in 1920 the Festival has become an essential event in Blackpool’s annual tourism calendar.

The Blackpool International Dance Festival (China) will initially take place over 3-5 days with plans to grow the event each year, competitors will be able to compete in a full range of Latin and Ballroom dancing disciplines.


赛事相关单位 Partnerships


    International Special Attractions, Ltd. (ISA) was established in 1996 and over the past two decades has become a world leader in the production of large-scale events, exhibitions and theatrical productions. Headquartered in Los Angeles, ISA has branch offices in the UK and China, making it uniquely situated to offer exceptional experiences and service to its clients around the globe.


WDC(World Dance Council,世界舞蹈理事会)是一个全球性的职业舞蹈和体育舞蹈的组织。由WDDSC (世界舞蹈及体育舞蹈理事会)于2006年6月1日更名而来,前身是ICBD(国际舞厅舞理事会)。ICBD于1950年9月22日在英国苏格兰的爱丁堡成立,当时的发起组织者是菲利普 ?理查德森(Philip Richardson)。至2006年,WDC已经拥有59个会员协会,成为全球职业舞蹈及体育舞蹈方面最权威的组织之一。 


World Dance Council (WDC) is one of most authoritative organizations in the world professional and sport dance, and is the legal successor to the International Council of Ballroom Dancing (ICBD) that was established at a meeting organized by P.J.S Richardson on 22 September 1950 in Edinburgh Scotland, UK. For a period from 1996 to 2006, the WDC was known as the World Dance & Dance Sport Council (WD&DSC). Now it has become the leading authority on professional dance competitions, with members in numerous countries throughout the world. Each country is allowed one vote. As of 2006 there are 59 members.



WDCAL(World Dance Council Amateur League)is the top organization in world amateur dance and its headquarter is in the United Kingdom. Its branded competitions are held in France, Russia, China, etc. WDCAL is open to all international contestants. Now it has many amateur dance lovers, mostly college graduates and teachers from training institutes in China.



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